Zydeco Capital is a private investment firm specializing in raising development capital for emerging growth companies in the mining/resources, high technology and health sciences fields. Our partners and co-investors have a wide range of experience in capital markets and management consulting. We like to focus on companies that are past the start-up phase and are in need of working capital for their expansion.

One of our preferred investment vehicles is the Rights Offering which gives management and shareholders the opportunity to participate in the financing and growth opportunities of the companies which they have an interest in. If you’d like to know whether your company qualifies for funding with Zydeco Capital, fill out our Application for Funding form and we’ll contact you as soon as we receive your information. At Zydeco Capital we see opportunity where others might only see obstacles. Whether you are a member of a management team, company owner or investor, we look forward to exploring new opportunities with you. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter so we can keep you posted on exciting new opportunities as they become available.

We prefer companies that are listed or willing to list on the Canadian Securities Exchange. The CSE not only provides liquidity for investors in junior listed companies, the reporting requirements of the exchange also offer investors the transparency they need to follow the progress of the comnpanies they are interested in. Our goal is to add to shareholder value with our secondary financings and management consulting services. We ally our interests with the major stakeholders of every company that we make a commitment to so that everyone can benefit from our investment capital and management expertise.